The Program Eligibility system is moving on July 1, 2016 to the Department of Education. Click Here to execute initial and subsequent eligibility information. Workforce Investment Act participation will be handled through the DOE. This information is submitted to the appropriate One-Stop Region for approval as provided thru their site. Contact Michelle Medina at 303-318-8962 for information. Once approved the information is available to the general public and career counseling professionals for evaluation of training providers and submission of WIA funding.

Veterans: Because one good job deserves another, Colorado provides a Priority of Service for military veterans and eligible spouses who are seeking employment or job training services. Veterans visiting Connecting Colorado should click here to learn more about the Priority of Service being offered.

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Veteran's Priority of Service
Military Veterans are an imperative part of Colorado's workforce. Veterans have made many sacrifices serving this great country. For that reason, the Colorado workforce system is proud to honor Colorado Veterans with Priority of Service.
Covered Persons (veterans and spouses) who meet the eligibility requirements for program participation are entitled to Priority of Service in any workforce preparation, development, delivery and/or service program funded, in whole or part, by the Department of Labor.
Covered Persons are entitled to Priority of Service in Job Training and Education Programs provided the Covered Person satisfy the eligibility requirements for the program desired.
Covered Persons are entitled to Priority of Service in Job Development Services. This means Workforce Center Staff can assist in securing an interview with a potential employer by matching skills to the needs of an established network of employers in the local area.
Covered Persons are entitled to Priority of Service in Job Referrals. This means Covered Persons will have the opportunity to be referred to jobs posted in Connecting Colorado before the rest of the job-seeking public.
Please visit your local workforce center or the web link below for contact information for the local workforce center in your area.
Find a Workforce Center
Priority of Service for Veterans is in accordance with Public Law 107-288 (Jobs for Veterans Act) and 20 CFR Part 1010, (Priority of Service for Covered Persons; Final Rule)